DodgeBow® 757

Frequently asked questions

Schedule and tickets

All participants must buy their tickets online prior to the event.
No tickets sold on site.

Conditions and age restriction

All participants must read and sign our Waiver and Release Form as a condition to play.
Parents of players under 18 must sign the waiver online or on site to allow them to play.

Does it hurt?

Not at all! Unlike paintball, this activity can be played without any heavy protective gear. We supply face masks and arm guards for your added safety.

But I’ve never used a bow and arrow before!

Now is your opportunity to try it out in a unique setting! After our 10 minutes orientation session, we can assure that you will have sufficient knowledge to play and have a good time. Everyone is welcome and it is fun for players of all levels!

Equipment supplied by DodgeBow® 757
  • Bows + foam tipped arrows
  • Protective face masks
  • Protective arm bands
  • Inflatable obstacles
All you need to show up with
  • Active clothing and running shoes.
  • Common sense and the desire to win!

Note: Personal or third party equipment is prohibited in the arena

Game capacity

There are 16 available spots per time slot for a maximum play scenario of 8vs8. The minimum capacity is 5 players for a game scenario of 3vs2. Should the minimum number of players not be attained in a time slot, DodgeBow® 757 reserves the right to cancel the reservation and a refund will not be distributed. 

Contact information:

Phone : +1 (757) 276-7356
Email: [email protected]

Games and events:

1081 W 35th St
Norfolk, VA 23508

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